"Le week-end, je prends mon temps."

Translation:On the weekend, I take my time.

April 5, 2018



"On the weekend"... That's very strange English. "At the weekend" sounds more natural (Southern British native speaker)

April 18, 2018


I agree. On the weekend does not sound right. Is it American?

August 24, 2018


Interesting, I'm from the US, at the weekend sounds unnatural to me, I normally year "On the weekend....." Etc

November 16, 2018


On the weekend and over the weekend are commonly used in America. Not sure I've ever heard 'at the weekend'. Makes me think of a point in time on a late Friday afternoon, when you are now At the weekend.

June 8, 2018


At the weekend, is commonly used in GB.

August 23, 2018


And in Australia. I really object to Duolingo trying to push these Americanisms at us.

August 29, 2018


Same for Australia

September 22, 2018


I agree

February 24, 2019



March 18, 2019


Im standard English we say "at the weekend " rather than the American version of "on the weekend ", so both versions should be allowed, really.

April 8, 2019


Absolutely agree !

April 9, 2019


A more usual English translation is 'At the weekend I take my time'

April 19, 2018


Interesting. In the US, we don't say "At the weekend".

April 19, 2018


As all the British posts agree that "At the weekend" is the UK English translation, why hasn't it yet been altered to accept it as well as the US version. It looks as if there should be an Australian alternative as well.

July 7, 2018


Why am i forced to learn american english when i came here to learn french

August 4, 2018


I guess we Americans wonder the same thing in reverse. Why are we required to learn England or Australian English when we want to learn French. DL is trying to please everyone and it seems no one is happy. I (as an American) would never say "at the weekend, I take my time". "I might say, at the week's end I am going to ....." but that isn't quite the same thing and it sounds rather stilted, like I'm trying to impress someone with my sophistication. I appreciate this forum where I can get a different perspective on things rather than getting angry about something that sounds weird to my ears.

October 1, 2018


I agree... although I would more likely say "I take my time on weekends" considering "weekend" is assumed plural in this phrase.

December 3, 2018


But you are NOT being forced to learn British or Australian English! Brits and Australians are quite reasobably irritated at having our pefectly correct answers declated "wrong". It is perfectly possible for all the variations to be accepted if programmed that way.

February 18, 2019


Likewise "At the weekend" should be accepted! British English.

January 28, 2019


Couldn't agree more!

August 23, 2018


I agree English translation At the weekend should be accepted.

August 6, 2018


I'm with the Brits on this one.

May 31, 2018


Pourquoi, ce n'est pas fin de la semaine ou similaire

April 5, 2018


Because this would not be specifically the week-end. It would just mean, as in english, the end of the week.

January 31, 2019


At the weekend not accepted, reported Apr 18

April 26, 2018


Yes, exactly, and everyone complaining here this is not how WE say it, needs to put in a report, rather than endlessly talking about it on this forum. I have found the report people are really quite responsive, and will email back to you, if your correct answer has been added into the database.

October 3, 2018


The problem seems to be that people are reporting it and it isn't being changed.

January 17, 2019


Is there no French term for weekend?

May 16, 2018


I asked a French person and they said it was "Le ouiquènde!" but I just think they were goofing around. Seriously, I was looking at some old French magazines and they kept saying "fin de semaine", so I looked it up and saw this discussion here; https://forum.wordreference.com/threads/fin-de-semaine-week-end.2510639/.

July 7, 2018


great link! thanks very much. have a lingot.

August 29, 2018


Yes, "le week-end". It's that simple.

February 24, 2019


Would never say on in England, always at. This should be accepted.

July 9, 2018


At the weekend is what we say in the UK. Never 'on'.

July 10, 2018


Absolutely!! Reported again today 1st Aug 18

August 1, 2018


I agree. I believe the phrase "At the weekend" is meant to signify any and all weekends. By this token, I believe "At the weekends" should also be accepted. Does anyone disagree?

March 28, 2019


At the weekend

August 17, 2018


Couldn’t it be “Weekends, I take my time.”? In other lessons, such as “Je marche le matin.”, isn’t the translation, “I walk mornings.”? If so, why doesn’t “Le weekend” translate the same way in this sentence? And, don’t they - “On the weekend” and “Weekends” - mean the same thing.

September 6, 2018


On the weekend is not correct English

December 5, 2018


"On the weekend" is how the Americans say it, "At the weekend" is how the British say it. Both are correct. Here is a site that discusses this; https://www.woodwardenglish.com/lesson/at-the-weekend-or-on-the-weekend/.

December 5, 2018


On the weekend is American. In England we say At the weekend.

May 9, 2018


Popped in to ask about "le weekend" being translated as "ON the weekend". Why is there no 'sur' or 'a' or other preposition in the French version?

June 8, 2018


In australia we say 'in' the weekend and not on the weekend

June 23, 2018


Another non-American here. Now that 'at the weekend', what about 'during the weekend' (currently also rejected)?

August 6, 2018


At the weekend should be accepted. It is how English is spoken

August 9, 2018


'At the weekend' sounds more natural in the UK

August 14, 2018


In England it is most definitely At the weekend...... we would never say on the weekend.

September 29, 2018


I totally agree with AntHenderson. I would NEVER say 'on the weekend'! (British Native English Speaker)

October 11, 2018


I've never used "on" the weekend, I would always use "at". (UK based)

November 22, 2018


"At the weekend" IS correct in UK English. I have reported this last week.

December 25, 2018


"At the weekend" should have been accepted as it is standard British English. "On the weekend"may be correct in some versions of English but I've never heard a British person from any region say it in conversation.

February 18, 2019


"At the weekend..." is more correct English grammar.

February 21, 2019


In England I've heard at the weekend, over the weekend and even in the weekend, but never on the weekend.

February 24, 2019


In New Zealand it would be 'At the weekend.' However this is still not accepted by Duo.

April 2, 2019


On one question in this section I put "On the weekend" (singular) for "Le week-end" and Duo marked it as wrong because it wanted me to say "On the weekends" (plural). A second question came up with "Le week-end" so I naturally answered with plural weekends. It marked it wrong and corrected me to the singular! WTF?!

April 11, 2018


At the weekend, please -- as an acceptable alternative to "on" for English speakers!

August 11, 2018


This ("On") error gets me every time!! So frustrating, i do keep reporting it...grrr!

August 12, 2018


'Duolingo should accept 'at the weekend' as that is the way most British people would say it.

August 18, 2018


Yes, 'at the weekend' also commonly spoken in Australia. Still marked wrong. I suppose it is an American program but still I believe the language we speak is called English not American and that's not easy for an Aussie to admit!

September 18, 2018


Why not "I take my time on the weekend" ?

September 22, 2018


A relatively minor point, but "at the weekend" is very commonly used and ought to be accepted.

September 28, 2018


you are totally correct

September 30, 2018


I guess there is no one listening at Duolingo. British English is "at the weekend" ao should be accepted.

October 4, 2018


Having read the comments, at, on, or over should all be allowed. No point fighting over it.

October 17, 2018


At the weekend should be accepted

December 22, 2018


It's not ON the weekend it's AT the weekend. Or if you MUST allow ON then you must also allow AT.

December 24, 2018


Really interesting to hear the different views!

January 13, 2019


I couldn't understand the audio on this one at all. The last word sounded more like 'dom'

January 25, 2019


Is this a common sentence structure in the french language? I've seen it in past lessons as well. Or would they normally say "Je prends mon temps au week-end"??

February 3, 2019


This is a confusing English sentence...

February 21, 2019


‘At the weekend’ is the proper English way to say this. Last time I checked it was still the English language and not American!

March 25, 2019


Im not happy that to continue I have to use American English

April 8, 2019
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