"This country has a lot of gas."

Translation:Ce pays a beaucoup de gaz.

April 5, 2018

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Does "gaz" refer to natural gas as opposed to gasoline/petrol...or both?


I believe gaz translates to natutal gas in this context, or more generally as gas in the chemical sense. Gasoline or petrol would be essence in French.


Duo a trop de gaz.


C'est sûrement que les gens pète beaucoup


I put "essence" and it was incorrect... Hard to know what they are looking for. I agree that you need more context in order to know.


I wasn't sure if the sentence was in US or UK English - previously US English versions have been used e.g. "fall" instead of "autumn". Therefore I thought "gas" was referring to petrol not a gaseous substance, and wrote "beaucoup d'essence". Duolingo, Could you please be clearer about which version of English you are using? Thank you


The problem with that is that gasoline/petrol isn't a natural resource. Countries produce it, but they don't have it.


That a natural resource is being discussed is logical, but isn't necessarily obvious.


This one isn't really taking American usage into account. I put "essence" because Americans usually mean gasoline/petrol when we talk say "gas". If this said "natural gas" instead of just "gas", it would eliminate the ambiguity.

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This exercise requires using oly "avoir" and rejects "il y a ; a previous exercise with structure as as the current one requires using ONLY "il y a" and rejects "avoir".

May anyone help me regarding which should be for what cases in French please?


Il y a means "there is" or "there are". It is an idiomatic expression, and even though it includes avoir, it isn't used to express an idea that can be translated to English using the word "have". Also it includes a subject pronoun, and you don't need a subject pronoun here because the subject is "this country".

If you remember what the other example was, I could try to explain the reasoning behind that one and what the difference is. Or if you come across it again, you can ask about it in the discussion for that sentence.


It could be due to their bean-heavy cuisine.

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