"Ich sehe es nicht."

Translation:I do not see it.

3/22/2013, 1:12:00 PM



Would anyone care to explain the process of where to put nicht in a German sentence? It is still quite unclear to me, I try to do my best, but a lot of times I am just guessing. You can use this sentence as an example. I just would like exact clarification so my German friends actually know what I am saying. :P Even if it is very little.

7/30/2014, 1:35:58 AM


I see him not?

3/22/2013, 1:12:00 PM


What about "I'm not seeing it"?

5/26/2013, 7:45:55 AM


I don't see it.

The word 'nicht' is sometimes put after a German word, for which reason I don't know. If it sounds wrong, try putting it in a way that makes it sound right, without changing the sentence too much.

10/30/2013, 5:22:49 PM


why isn't it "I don't see him" ?

4/26/2014, 4:36:34 PM


Whe have to write answer in english, the app hides the button "Continue" when my android shows the keyboard. When Itype answer in german - Ican see the button above the keyboard. Please foreward the issue to andriod development team

5/4/2014, 4:36:01 AM


Can you say "Ich sehe nicht es"?

7/14/2014, 8:43:11 PM


Could you say "Ich sehe nicht es"?

10/26/2014, 1:51:24 PM



from 15tcsomysona

3/24/2015, 3:33:05 PM


my answer should have been correct it makes me so mad when they don't accept an answer that should be correct

3/24/2015, 3:32:28 PM
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