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"Son père chante tout doucement."

Translation:His father is singing very quietly.

April 5, 2018



Is there a reason only the continuous present is accepted? It would seem that the simple present form 'sings' should be equally correct.


"His father sings" is an equally valid translation of Son père chante. If it was rejected then report that it should be accepted.

[deactivated user]

    Is there a distinction between using "tout" vs "très" in the context of this sentence? Or does the translation have more to do with double entendre for the adverb: "doucement"?

    From what I can discern "tout doucement" translates as "slowly"; whereas, "très doucement" translates as "very gently".

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!


    I think, and don't take this as read as it is difficult to find a lot on it, that "doucement" translates as 'slowly' when used in conjunction with speed, both literally and figuratively; as 'gently, softly, carefully' when used in conjunction with manner and 'quietly, softly' when used with sound.

    Tout, I believe, can also mean "quite" as opposed to très which means very. However I would like Sitesurf's POV on all this.

    Il a marché tout doucement - He walked slowly
    La voiture a roulé tout doucement vers la mer. - The car rolled slowly toward the sea.

    Here is an extract from Le Petit Prince that uses the phrase:

    And it is used more figuratively in the 2nd sentence in Chapter 5


    I hope someone else can shine some more light on it. :-)


    French has several synonyms for très that create a greater emphasis than simply saying very and one such synonym is tout


    il est tout rouge - he is very red / he is all red


    chante doucement seems to me something you do to a small child or baby and so I think: singing softly

    why would that be wrong?


    His father sings very slowly. I would appreciate knowing the shortcoming of this translation.

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