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"Les sandwichs ? Nous les avons rendus."

Translation:The sandwiches? We gave them back.

April 5, 2018



Why not "We have returned the sandwiches."


The Duo hints said "to return, to give back". I used "returned" instead of "gave back" but Duo said that was incorrect. C'est la même différence, non?!


My dictionary say rendre means make, visit or report. How have we arrived at rendus rather than say renvoyés?


That's exactly why you should never ever trust dictionaries, unless you already know both languages.

  • rendre = to give back when it's transitive (i.e. it has an object) (Je rends les livres = I give the books back). It can also have two objects, one direct and the other indirect (Je rends les livres à mon frère = I give the books back to my brother)
  • rendre = to make when it's about a transformation. It has an object and attributive adjective. It means that you change the object into the adjective (Je rends mes parents heureux = I make my parents happy).
  • rendre visite (à quelqu'un) = to visit (someone). It never means to visit by itself.
  • rendre compte (de quelque chose) = to report (something). It never means to report by itself.

On the other hand renvoyer = to send back. In the context of this sentence, it makes sense, but it's not literal enough for DL.


Dictionaries can help you make sense of words once you have context but, I agree they are useless if you have no starting point. At least with WordRef you can go both ways but you need a good knowledge of English as well → gave back = returned:



Thanks for the explanation. An excellent explanation and an argument in favour of understanding grammar.


I don't know what dictionary you have but you might want to replace it as rendre means "give back, return":




Thanks for you reply, and the subsequent responses. As you say, a dictionary can be imperfect.


Why "the sandwiches? we have returned them back" is marked as error. Can someone explain me please? Thanks in advance.


Back is redundant here and not good English usage. Return means to give back


Thank you. I'm not a native english speaker and your explanation is very useful for me.

  • 1788

Should “... we gave back them” be accepted?


Why does it have to be "THE sandwiches"?


To return means "to give back something". So back is not redundant after back and clumsy. So "I returned them" is a correct transaction and should be accepted.

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