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French - Basics 1 - être/suivre (new tree)

Hello, I've played a few lessons on my friend's phone (with both crowns and new tree) and I've discovered a potential problem in the Basics 1 lesson. There are sentences like: "Je suis une fille." said by a man. This I would normally translate as "I am a girl.", which has worked up until this point. Peeking translates it as "I am a girl.", but given 'être' and 'suivre' have the same je-form (1st person sg) it has been marked as wrong. I understand that it takes a lot of time to translate all the possible versions, but the verb 'suivre' wasn't even taught until about Infinitives 2 in the old tree. Please fix this, but nevertheless a tremendous thank-you to all the Course Contributors, you are the best! Merci de votre réponse!

April 5, 2018



Je suis une fille can be translated as "I am a girl" or "I follow a girl". If you put "I am a girl" and it was marked wrong, then please use the "report" button so that the course developers know about it. Some accounts have a newer, more expansive French tree so it is possible this is an oversight in the new content.

[deactivated user]

    In general to distinguish them, we use the liaison :

    Je suis une fille (I am a girl) -> ʒə sɥiz yn fij

    Je suis une fille (I follow a girl) -> ʒə sɥi yn fij


    I didn't think about it but it's totally true.


    This is a basic answer, there hasn't been an oversight. I'm not sure exactly what happened. "I am a girl" is listed as an accepted translation. I do see that another account, not one from our team, made changes to that sentence and several others six days ago. I can tell you that when any changes are made, it sometimes takes the system a bit of time to get up to speed and accept correct answers. We've been told it can take as long as a week. Meanwhile, correct "green" reports pile up. If happens again, could you please get a screenshot and file a bug report? Thank you!


    Maybe I don't really understand the situation but I think that you could guess that it was not "I am a girl" there.

    Because a man will never say "I am a girl", grammatically it's correct but that doesn't mean anything. So if a man says "Je suis une fille" it's necessarily "I follow a girl".


    You can't count on the gender of the voice to give clues about the sentence. The French course has a male and a female voice, and they have different regional accents. Any sentence may be "spoken" by one or the other.


    It's hard to imagine "I am a girl" isn't in the database. I'd guess it's an occurrence of an intermittent technical glitch where an answer that's in the Incubator is for some unpredictable reason rejected.

    I only recall it happening to me in the Dutch course, but you see people complaining about it all over the place. Many times there might be some other issue, and that's why contributors tend to ask for screenshots, but it does happen, and the only thing for it is a bug report.

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