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"The notebook of Carmen is full."

Translation:Caietul lui Carmen este plin.

4 months ago



«Lui Carmen» sau mai bine «Carmenei»? I thought it was a female name.

4 months ago


Yes, it's lui Carmen. I explained this in your other topic. Here's the explanation again.

Female names not ending in a vowel and names that came from another language use the possessive pronoun "lui". For example: lui Carmen (Carmen's), lui Ingrid, lui Naomi, lui Beatrice etc.

here are some "normal" names:

Andreea - Andreei

Roxana - Roxanei

Iulia - Iuliei

Ioana - Ioanei

Maria - Mariei

Dana - Danei

Alexandra - Alexandrei etc.

Later Edit (for others who see this)

keep it simple stupid: native romanian female names end in "A". If you see a female name ending in anything else you use "lui".

4 months ago

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OR keep it even more stupid simple: use "lui" every time.

4 months ago


Unfortunately that would create a new class of problems, since "lui Andreea" is not correct.

4 months ago


Ok, thank you!

4 months ago