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  5. "At any moment."

"At any moment."

Translation:En cualquier momento.

April 5, 2018



Is En algun momento wrong? When do you use algun and when do you use cualquier? Is cualquier time specific in thsi regard?


algún = some and cualquier = any. En algún momento = At some moment


what about ningun vs cualqier?


Ningún just means the absence of something. Think of it like a negative to algún. Cualquier means any as well, but it is easier to think if it as "whichever" or "whatever." Another way to remember cualquier is to break it down to "cual" (what or which) "quiere". (To want) All together, whichever/whatever one wants. It's my understanding that "En algún moment" could work too, which would be more literal, but "En cualquier momento" moreso means (At whichever moment one wants, or at whichever moment.) Hope this helps and isn't too confusing.


A prompt in Spanish to translate to English was "En cualquier momento" and the correct response was "at any moment", yet when asked to translate "at any moment" in this exercise, "en cualquier momento" was counted as incorrect. GRRR.


And THIS time, when i typed the response they previously said was correct (en cualquier hora), they dinged me and said "en cualquier momento" was correct...


Hola. Is there a reason why you can say "a cualquier hora" but not "a cualquier momento" ?


I am REALLY finding the repetitive drawings annoying. They have nothing to do with the content and are needlessly distracting

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