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  5. "Zřídka tě chápu."

"Zřídka chápu."

Translation:I seldom understand you.

April 5, 2018



Proč nejde: "Seldom I understand you." ? Je to přece oznamovací, nezáporná věta, tak proč tam musí být to "do"?


Uz chapu, co se prihodilo. Doporucuju si nastudovat anglicky slovosled pro prislovce, ceska jazykova intuice nas casto vede spatne. Treba https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/adverbs-of-time-and-frequency/hardly-ever-rarely-scarcely-seldom ale i mnoho dalsich clanku o "adverbs, position, sentence, word order, ...".

Cituji: In more formal styles, we put them in front position and invert the subject and verb. If there is no auxiliary or modal verb, we use do/does/did.


Jaké do? Nahoře v oficiálním překladu žádné do není. Prosím o jasnější otázky. Opravdu nevíme, co se komu ukázalo na obrazovce.


Not sure what this is worth but a native english speaker would say 'I seldom understand you' or 'seldom do I understand you'.

Your sentence, 'seldom I understand you' is completely understable and I cannot tell you what it is that's wrong about it but it's at least unnatural sounding and I suspect there's something incorrect about it.


The Tips link for this lesson is titled adverbs but the page is blank!


Yes, from this lesson onwards there are no more Tips (yet).

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