"People speak French in Cameroon."

Translation:Les gens parlent le français au Cameroun.

April 5, 2018



How do you tell when In should translate to En, Au or Dans?

April 5, 2018


When you speak about a country, you will use "au" if this country is Masculin and "en" if it is féminin or if it starts with a vowel or a H :

  • au Japon

  • au Brésil

  • Aux Royaumes-Unis

  • En France

  • En Irak

  • En Hongrie

  • ...

And how do you know if the country is Masculin or Feminin? .... I have bad news, there is no rule, you have to learn it :/

April 5, 2018


Should this also accept "Des gens..."? "Les gens" would seem to mean "All the people", which is not true (though that doesn't matter in the sense of whether a sentence can be used by Duo). Would "Des gens" translate to "People" as in "(Some) people"?

November 8, 2018


Why "les gens au Cam' parlent le francais" wrong

February 12, 2019


Why doesn't "Les personnes parlent le français au Cameroun" work?

July 22, 2018


Her pronunciation of Cameroon is horrible. Can't you fix that?

September 28, 2018


I've encountered sentences where th "le" in "le français" is omitted, whereas "le" in this sentence is necessary. What is the rule for its usage?

November 17, 2018
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