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Spanish newspaper to practice

Is there a relatively easy Spanish newspaper ( of any country ) to read as a beginner?


April 5, 2018



I read El País pretty frequently. It's the paper of record for Spain. It has good coverage of Latin American news, and Mario Vargas Llosa has an infrequent but always interesting column.


Thanks a lot! Appreciate! :-)


BBC mundo. It’s an app and uses simpler Spanish. Free.

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Its not a newspaper but euronews does a Spanish version as well as the English version covering the same items so it's pretty easy to go from one to the other .


Alternatively you could look up people, places, events in history or whatever else you may be interested in on the Spanish wikipaedia page.

Soon you'll be able to move onto the newspapers such as El Pais , El Mundo, La Vanguardia etc.

Good luck


Thanks, bud! :-)

In fact, I open El Universal Venezuela ( http://www.eluniversal.com/ ) often and struggle through the lines, as it is a bit hard to grasp the meaning of most of the news! I rely on Google Translate to get the meaning of the words / phrases that I don't understand.


Not so much a newspaper as a sort of online magazine http://algarabia.com but quite good and beginner/ intermediate friendly.


Thank you very much! Appreciate! :-)

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