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French pronunciation of 'bonne'

How do you pronounce 'bonne' as in 'bonne nuit'? Like "bon" or "bon-nuh"?

April 5, 2018



It depends on the region. Check out the Forvo link that SilviaSpells posted.


In most regions, "bonne" would be pronounced like 'gone, done" in English (of course starting with a b instead of a g/d). In some regions, e.g. the South of France, the emphasis lies on the second syllable, whereby the final 'e' is pronounced, giving "bon-nuh".


Bonne: Say "bun", but shape your mouth as if you are saying "bone". Bon: It's a sound native to French. Think "hon hon hon" from the song "Les Poissons" in "Beauty and the Beast.


it's pronounced like "bon," so "bonne nuit" would be kinda like "bon nwee."


No , it's not. The masculine adjective is not pronounced the same way as the feminine . It's like : pomme, nonne, tonne, marmonne, gorgone....


apart from a slight variation in the pronunciation of the "o" i hear no difference whatsoever between the masculine and feminine adjectives. it's not pronounced "bon-nuh" or "pom-muh," it's a single syllable.


Indeed it's a single syllable if we don't pronounce the e at the end (unlike the south of france) (the examples I gave were just about the o sound , not the number of syllables). But the o in the two words are not pronouce the same way . In "bonne" you can also hear the n sound at the end that you don't in "bon" . Akudznam_Nafri gives a good explanation.

If your ears are not trained , it can be difficult to hear the difference, but as native speakers , we would hear right away the wrong prononciation ; not that it is a big mistake , but it's better to learn the right pronounciation.


i see. thanks for the explanation :)


It's pronounced almost like "bon" just with little to no nasalisation at all...in the case of "bonne nuit" there is slightly more nasalisation since the next word starts with a "n" sound too, a little bit of nasalisation here makes it easier to pronounce.

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