"Elles lisent les mêmes lettres."

Translation:They read the same letters.

April 5, 2018

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The vocal has no 's'' sound - therefore I wrote Elle lit les etc..


it's actually a "z" sound in that case


The male voice here pronounces "elles" as two distinct syllables: "ell-luh." Is that correct? If so, is that because it is plural?


I agree, I thought he said 'Elles leur lisent...'


That's quite common outside Paris - there's a faint but discernible emphasis when pronouncing the plural forms (they're easier to understand, at least to me). Several of my former school teachers did the same, and all but one of them were expatriate native speakers.


Can''t hear the "z"


Male or female voice?


The female audio for this is very hard to make out - it sounds "too loud" even with the volume turned down.


Why not They are reading the same letters


nothing wrong with that


I've noticed this throughout the lessons, plurals are IMPOSSIBLE to distinguish. I listened to this multiple times and not once was there any indication that this was plural. Sometimes you can figure it out using context clues like sont instead of est but it is amazingly frustrating when attempting to listen to a sentence to determine what it means only to find out there were hidden plurals. I doubt native french speakers skip the last syllable of every word so the tool to teach those words should reflect this. PLEASE FIX THIS DUOLINGO!


In truth, most native speakers do "skip the last syllable" of those words. Some have a slight difference in pronunciation, but the "official" accent makes them sound the same.


they are reading the same letters should be correct as well.

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