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  5. "He lost control of his legs."

"He lost control of his legs."

Translation:Él perdió el control de sus piernas.

April 5, 2018



It is my understanding that in Spanish, one does not use "el posesivo" (in this case - sus) when talking about parts of the body. instead one should use the relevant definite article - in this case "las". I have reported this but if anyone thinks differently, please let me know.


I was naturally using ...Control de las piernas... too. But the real question is why do you have to use "el control" why can't you just say "control"

My original response: El perdio control de las piernas

Correct response: El perdio el control de sus piernas


"control" is an abstract noun, so it's not surprising Spanish would prefer using a definite article (consider "la responsabilidad," "el amor")

Use of the article is not universal, but very strongly favored: http://bit.ly/2tqCVv7

It'd be great if a native speaker could clarify further.


I suspect "las" is fine, too.

However, there are a lot more Google results for "perdió el control de sus piernas" than for "perdió el control de las piernas".

Native speakers, explanation for the apparent exception to the general rule?


Could a native Spanish speaker comment on both "el control" and "sus versus las"? Thank you.

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