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"Oui, nous pouvons. Merci beaucoup."

Translation:Yes, we can. Thank you very much.

April 5, 2018



Surely duo can accept thanks as well as thank you


"Yes, we can, thank you" marked wrong PLEASE get it right Duo! As a native UK English speaker I VERY rarely say 'Thank you very much' - I would have to be prostrate with gratitude or being sarcastic :-) I say Thanks. Thank you. Ta. depending on the context ... Anyway reported... not that that has ever done any good for me in French OR Italian. They just ignore it.


It was marked wrong because "merci" and "merci beaucoup" are not interchangable. "Beaucoup" in this sentence specifically means "very much" and you forgot to add it. So, Duo did not get it wrong - you did. Sorry.


But I got wrong for “Yes we can. Thank you SO much” which is weird. Actually Duolingo should add this to their correct answer set.


Is "so much" still not correct?


Well, then you wouldn't use "beaucoup". "Merci" is just "thank you" and "merci beaucoup" is "thank you very much". So, just because you don't use it, doesn't mean other people will. If they use "merci beaucoup", understand that they are saying "thank you very much".


I tested, "Yes, we are able to. Thank you very much".

It seems like a very reasonable, accurate, normal and polite translation into English.

N'est ce pas?

It was marked incorrect.


Thanks so much should be accepted.


Similarly , thank you


It marked me wrong for saying "thank you" instead of "thanks". Pretty sure those are the same, Duo.


Why is 'yes, we may. thank you very much' marked wrong?


"Very much" and "so much" seem to be getting people exercised, for some unfathomable reason. In the sentence Thank you very/so much they act as an adverb of intensity or emphasis, and are equally valid. Perhaps very is more formal or reserved, but it is no less sincere. Anything can sound insincere with the right tone.

So can also function as other parts of speech, and so has a wider range. This can mean that the scattergun use of so just plain irritates people. It has become more popular in recent years, and (for example) has been used by "experts" to lend weight to their pronouncements. Ten years ago, a critic would have said, "Well, I think the prince's views on architecture are a monstrous carbuncle". Now, he would say, "So, I think the prince's views on architecture are a monstrous carbuncle". The so lends an air of "I'm an expert and I know whereof I speak: pay attention!" But it has the opposite effect on me. I can feel my teeth grinding.


and what about "thank you so much" ? does it have to be thank you very much?


I think "thanks much" should also be accepted


"Thanks" is a plural word. It maps to "many". The idiom is "Many thanks".


Yes, we can. Thank you so much. Why was i marked wrong ?

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