Help with Constructed Noun (Imaginary Nation)

Saluton, I'm a total komencanto to Esperanto but have been won over by it. However I'm trying to construct what is proving to be a rather difficult name for one of my projects.

With some experimentation and an over dependence on Google Translate I've got this.

"Bonamondano Ŝtatkomunumo"

What I hope it says is "Bonamondan Commonwealth" or "Goodworld Commonwealth"

With "Bonomondano" being like British in British Commonwealth or Roman in Roman Republic.

If I've got the grammar wrong could someone please explain. If it's fine could someone confirm.

Many Thanks.

4/5/2018, 2:11:21 PM

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On Wikipedia, the word used for "Commonwealth" is simply "komunumo."

As for "Goodworld," simply "bonamonda" or "bonomonda" seem fine. "Bonomondano" would be a member of "Bonomondo." I would assume a citizen of it, like how usonano means American citizen but usona just means relating to America.

So I'd go with "Bonomonda Komunumo."

4/5/2018, 4:27:23 PM

Would it therefore not be Bonomondano? We wouldn't say the Rome Republic but the Roman Republic or the Republic of Rome. It would, I'm guessing take the (genitive)

Therefore "Bonamondano Komunumo"???

4/5/2018, 4:47:27 PM
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The simple -a ending is what you want for that. I'll use the US as an example:

Usono - the United States

Usonano - an American (i.e. a citizen)

Usona - American

Usona Subŝtato - an American state (i.e. Colorado, Florida, etc.)

Usona Komunumo - American Commonwealth

Komunumo de usono - Commonwealth of America

4/5/2018, 7:41:25 PM

Is the world good or are the people in the world good?

Are you going for something more like Commonwealth of Goodworlders, i.e., good people in the world who have formed a commonwealth?

If so, I suggest Sxtatkomunumo de Mondbonuloj.

4/5/2018, 6:01:50 PM

Hmm, interesting question.

The world that the people intend to make is good. The people of the commonwealth are collaborating to make a good world. So, the world is the focus. That's why I went with Bonamondo.

I see the logic behind Commonwealth of Goodworlders and quite like it, but I think Goodworld Commonwealth is more what I'm looking for.

Therefore I think I'll stick with Bonamonda Komunumo. A citizen = Bonamondano and; Citizens = Bonamondanoj

I just read a rather heated debate on the structuring of nationality names that I don't wish to repeat, this-ano/-anoj seems to be the Esperanto standard.

Can anyone shed any semantic light on the Komunumo/Ŝtatkomunumo difference, if there is one?

I am aware that politically there are different types of Commonwealth. The British and American Commonwealths refer to their influence a d responsibilities in non-contiguous territories while the Icelandic Commonwealth refers to its being a democratic republic.

Thanks for all help on this, I appreciate it's rather abstract and boring.

4/5/2018, 9:37:52 PM
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