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Personal, travel or location specific blogs in German


Wondering if anyone has some interesting travel or personal blogs (besides all the usual news sites DW, Spiegel etc) that are written in German that they would suggest to follow/read?

For example I follow several blogs that are written in German about my wonderful city of Cape Town, South Africa, since we have way too many Germans living here ;-)

https://www.kapstadtmagazin.de/ (news magazine type) https://joweberamkap.wordpress.com/ (personal blog of a guy from Hamburg living in Cape Town) https://steffireinhard.wixsite.com/stefbatical (my Austrian girlfriends blog while she lives here with me for 4 months)

I would love some other suggestions of something similar about any other cities (or any other non-news topics) around the world. I love to travel so maybe it might inspire me to visit!


April 5, 2018



hmmmm I don't know much about german magazines. But I do know about german ytbrs You can watch:

" JulienBam"

"Simon Desue""

"Ape crime""

Sie sind meine Lieblingyoutubers . Enjoy !!


Thanks, will check out!


Personally, I follow all the blogs from this list: https://travelsites.com/best-travel-blogs/ . They are all inspirational and very informative

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