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  5. "Il aime les pommes de terre."

"Il aime les pommes de terre."

Translation:He likes potatoes.

April 5, 2018



Still having trouble with "les/le/la" when to use "the" and when to leave off the article. Here I translated the phrase as ""He likes THE potatoes". I was imaging that the context was sitting at a table with a kid and saying at least he likes the potatoes (...because he doesn't like anything else). So in that context in English I would need the definite article. But it is marked wrong. Am I to assume here that "Il aime les pommes de terre" is referring to the category of potatoes being liked, thus no article needed in English?


Why is "he loves potatoes" not marked as correct?


Why not he loves the potatoes?


I don't think that "he loves potatoes" can be considered a mistake

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