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  5. "Our main station"

"Our main station"

Translation:Nuestra estación principal

April 5, 2018



Entered "Nuestro estación principal" and got a negative result. Unless I'm mistaken, the gender of "nuestro/nuestra(s)" is defined by the speaker(s), right?


No, they agree with the gender of the noun modified.

This does contrast with nosotros/nosotras, the choice of which depends on the gender of the speaker (and others in the party).


Thanks for the clarification. I had a feeling that might be the case.


Thought it was "our main situation"

-Me: Wow! Duo is finally teaching some useful phrases! I love this app!!

Finds out it's "station" not "situation"

-Duo: In your dreams Becky!


Well "main station" is about 20 times more common than "main situation" in published English writing according to Google NGrams, so maybe Duolingo isn't being so useless after all :)


Can someone please explain when the adjective is before and when it is after in a Spanish sentence

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