"Croyez-vous que ce sont les mêmes ?"

Translation:Do you think they are the same?

April 5, 2018



Shouldn't "ce sont" be in the subjunctive ("ce soient") because it comes after "croire"?

September 17, 2018


I think (although I am not at all sure) that "Croyez-vous que ce sont les mêmes?" means "Do you think they are the same?" while "Croyez-vous que ce soient les mêmes?" means "Do you think they could be the same?"

November 30, 2018


"do you believe that these are the same" was marked wrong even though the hints showed this as correct.

February 7, 2019


computer programmed incorrectly(my opinion) Do you believe that these are the same should be correct

February 16, 2019


Would you also be correct to translate: "You think that they are the same?"

April 5, 2018

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The statement-as-question is common in spoken French; somewhat less so in English. But when the French uses a standard question format, e.g., inversion, be sure to put your translation in the form of a standard question in English. Remember that the statement-as-question form is only used in spoken language--not in writing.

January 15, 2019


Why not: why ce is they, isn't it should be a single object?

October 5, 2018


It can be both. C'est = It is. Ce sont = They are.

October 19, 2018

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"Ce sont" is always plural, i.e., they, these, those.

January 15, 2019


why isn't it "do you believe they are the same?"

March 13, 2019
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