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  5. "Qo'noSDaq nuq DaneH?"

"Qo'noSDaq nuq DaneH?"

Translation:What do you want on Kronos?

April 5, 2018



Is this more "what do you want to do on Kronos" or "what object on kronos do you want"? Or both?


It's "what object." The nuq stands in for a noun. It's a very awkward sentence.


If nuq stands in for the subject, shouldn't it be at the end?


It doesn't stand in for the subject. In this sentence, it stands in for the object.


Oops. Yeah, thanks David. I got distracted by Qo'noSDaq and English word order.


If it really is "What object on Kronos do you want?", then how would I say "What do you want (to do) on Kronos?"? I could imagine: Qo'noSDaq chay' bIvang DaneH? or Qo'noSDaq bIvang chay' ['e' (?)] DaneH?, but is there no easier or more standard way to say this?


Besides, I looked it up on both boQwI' and Klingon for the Galactic Traveler.

MO says: "... Klingons sometimes begin a conversation by saying nuqneH, an idiomatic expression meaning "What do you want?" (If fully grammatical, "What do you want?" would be rendered as nuq DaneH.)"

boQwI' tells us something similar. So, I think it should be OK to say Qo'noSDaq nuq DaneH? for "What do you want on Kronos?" without it being awkward.

In other words: nuq can be used for an immaterial "object".

On the other hand I understand that it would be more typical to use a command like "Describe how you will act on Kronos!" (because there is no direct way to translate "to do"). Perhaps: Qo'noSDaq chay bIvang 'e' yIDel!

What do you think?


chay' (don't forget the qaghwI') is only for questions, not for translating "the manner of." Canon shows that imperatives tend to be staccato, rarely if ever using a sentence as object. So both these issues can be solved with Qo'noSDaq chay' bIvang? yIDel!

I would think that Qo'noSDaq nuq DaneH could be answered with any sentence where something can be slotted in to substitute for the nuq.

Qo'noSDaq Qe' QaQ vISuch vIneH

Qo'noSDaq veng wa'DIch wIchargh vIneH

Qo'noSDaq loD 'IH vIngagh vIneH

Qo'noSDaq Du' vIneH


Based on what I know about pleasantries in the Klingon culture, Welcome to Kronos would make perfect sense, too.


Could this be shortened to Qo'noSDaq nuqneH?, or is that reserved to be used on its own?


nuqneH is only used on its own as an exclamation. You use it when someone has approached you but hasn't stated their business. You get a bit suspicious and say nuqneH Whaddya want?

When you aren't prompting someone to state their business, but you want them to tell you the thing they want, you'd use a full sentence, nuq DaneH What do you want?

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