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"Anajifunza kiswahili kila siku"

Translation:He learns Swahili every day

April 5, 2018



Can someome kindly explain what the 'ji' is doing in the middle of the verb? Why not simply 'anafunza'? Does the 'ji' indicate that the learning is ongoing or habitual?

Also I'm curious about the etymology of 'siku'. I know 'usiku' means night, but i remember learning the '-u' prefix was similar to our '-ness' or '-hood' suffixes in English. So does this mean that night is something like 'day-ness'? If so that's very interesting conceptually.

Anyway I'm very much a beginner here but very eager to hear from more experienced learners!


ji makes it about the person. i think the technical term is reflexive. so kufunza is like to teach but kujifunza is to teach your self i.e. to learn. another example would be the name of a great kenyan song - tujiangalie. tuangalie would mean let's look at [something] but tujiangalie makes it let's look at ourselves.


Thanks for this! I now have a new song to study lyrics from.

Any insights on the etymology of 'usiku'?


Not that I'll get a response but Kiswahili is a professionally recognised translation and it is petty not.mark us incorrect if we put it in an English sentence. Again, standards!

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