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"Gaan jullie naar buiten?"

Translation:Are you going outside?

5 months ago



I want to understand this new word "buiten", so I can say "gaan jullie naar buiten de stad?" or "gaan jullie de stad naar buiten?"... Pelearse, ik heb jouw helpen nodig.

5 months ago

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No, those sentences don't work in Dutch. It should be "Gaan jullie de stad uit?".

In other sentences if "outside" has the meaning position it is just "buiten". If the meaning is direction as in the sentence above you should use "naar buiten". Same applies to "binnen".
"Het is vandaag koud buiten, dus ik ga gauw naar binnen".
It is cold outside, so I'm going inside quickly.

By the way the verb is "helpen", the noun is "hulp".

5 months ago