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"I am a humanoid but I am not a human."

Translation:yoq jIH 'ach Human jIHbe'.

April 5, 2018



This brings up the question of the distinction between Human and tera'ngan in Klingon. Would a Klingon refer to a whale or a Ferengi who resided on Earth as a tera'ngan?


Think of tera'ngan as Earthling as it's used in science-fiction. An alien could technically call a whale from Earth an Earthling, but the word really means "human from Earth." Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Klingons called humans from, say, the Moon, or even Deneva, tera'ngan.

For the purpose of this course, I guess the creators expect you to translate tera'ngan as Terran or Earthling, but not as human. In the "real" world, I doubt the lines would be drawn so starkly.


But essentially synonymous, then. Thanks.

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