"Ces garçons sont impossibles !"

Translation:These boys are impossible!

April 5, 2018

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I wrote...'these boys are impossible" and was marked wrong !!!!


If something like this happens it is pointless to take note of this in the forums and you are best off to report it (from my experiences). Maybe there was a spelling error that was made and Duolingo could fix it for you... :)


what does is it mean these boys are impossible!!?


In this case I think it might mean something like "ugh, these boys are unbelievable!"


Why is "THOSE boys are impossible!" not an acceptable translation? How would that sentence be translated then?


It's an acceptable translation, it will be translated in the same sentence ;)


whats the pronunciation difference between 'ces' and ses'?

EDIT: ahha now on my second try i heard it at 'c'est garcon sont impossible' now i know of course the 'sont' makes it plural, but is there a pronunciation diferent between the three. its very confusing to me.


The answer with "Ses garçons" is accepted.


I believe there is no difference in pronunciation between 'ces' 'ses' and 'c'est' unless there is a word starting with a vowel after e.g. 'ces enfants' or 'ses enfants' would create a z sound between the words whereas 'c'est un enfant' would pronounce the t on c'est. Otherwise you have to find the word based on context.


Ses and ces should, I believe, sound like English "say", but with a long sound like the undiphthongised French é.

C'est more often sounds like the English bet or the French bête; it's shorter than é, but this distinction may not be noticeable and is not always adhered to in speech.

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