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Are there any german learning apps that focus on the gender of nouns?

Trying to find a new way to learn words and memorise their genders. Just simple revision isn't cutting it for me as I'm adding new words to my vocabulary.

April 5, 2018



I don not know... but what I do for that is I right down the words and the gender with it so I can pull it out later when I need it. I also practice it A LOT. Hope it helps! : )


What I found helpful is that I keep redoing my first skills till I have memorized the genders in those skills, then I work on my harder skills. It might be slow, but in the end, I won't have troubles with my genders.


I just started using an app called "German Articles Buster," which is my favorite so far. Much more helpful to me than the "Der/Die/Das" app. Not sure whether it has any mistakes--I've heard that a lot of these apps do, but I haven't noticed any yet. Someone posted this link on Duolingo not too long ago, where you can play a prototype of an app and give feedback: http://defuncart.com/game-prototypes/derdiedas/

Here's German Articles Buster on the iTunes store (I'm using Android and it's a bit buggy, but the important parts work):



For some reasons I can't remember right now, I don't need such an app. But I just had a look at the google play store, and there seem to be some (I searched for "German gender"). An example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nicolatesser.germangenderquiz

I think this might be fun. I have a similar app for Latin, and I love it (when I'm not Duolingoing ...)

Hope this helps. :-)

(Edit: The German description of this app is full of gender and case errors! Horrible -- I hope this is just a google translation, and the app itself is better!)


Hm, there are two comments that warn of mistakes:

Viele Regeln sind nicht implementiert. Einige Artikel sind falsch. Leider keine Einstellungsmöglichkeiten für die Farben und Darstellung der Artikel.

And these comments are from 2017. I just had another look at more comments to the app I linked to. There was similar criticism in 2012, and after that the author completely revised the app. This makes me cautiously hopeful ... ;-)

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