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Pronouns - missing word error

I can't report this from the page itself; the Discussion link doesn't work.

There's a question in one of the lessons of the Pronouns skill: Select the missing word: _ maH. The three choices are: 1. SuvwI'pu'
2. SuvwI'
3. Suvwi'pu'

Technically, 1 and 2 are both correct, and 3 is only incorrect if you take the lowercase i into account. However, option 2 is marked wrong. I tried 3 and got it right even with the lowercase letter; I haven't tried the obviously-looked-for answer, 1.

Basically, there is no wrong answer here, even though 2 is marked wrong.

April 5, 2018



Just tried the correctly capitalized SuvwI'pu' answer, and it was marked wrong. This question definitely needs to be fixed.


These fill-in-the-blank exercises all work really oddly with Klingon because Duo seems to like to recapitalise things there, and sometimes even duplicate words (perhaps when someone tries to fix things?).

Also, as you say, both SuvwI'pu' maH and SuvwI' maH make sense, so having those in a "pick the one right answer" makes no sense.

I've edited that exercise now and at least in the backend, the choices show up to me as SuvwI'pu' - SuvwI'mey - SuvwI'Du', all capitalised correctly.

Do you think that's a reasonable exercise, or should I remove the SuvwI'mey (since that's technically grammatically correct) and/or replace it with something else?


The skill is about pronouns, so it should test one's understanding of pronouns, not the correct plural of SuvwI'. I'd use three completely different nouns, only one of which makes sense attached to maH. Maybe something like Dujmey - ghopDu' - SuvwI'pu'. Or whatever other nouns don't make sense being identified with "us."


Good idea; thanks!

That's not quite what those exercises were designed for (they're originally for picking the right form of a word, e.g. right case ending or verb form etc.) but I think you can add any distract you want. I'll see whether I can do something along your lines.

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