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"Depuis, son comportement est excellent."

Translation:Since then her behavior has been excellent.

April 5, 2018



Why not " . . . comportement a ete excellent?" I would translate the sentence as " behavior is excellent."


Phrases following depuis in the present tense translate to the present perfect in English. Phrases following depuis in passé composé translate to the past tense in English. It's just one of those peculiarities that you have to learn :)


Thanks for the explanation!


why must it be her behaviour. In an earlier example, I said his and was marked wrong


I agree..why not his? That's the default position, to use masculine when the context does not specify otherwise. Unless one cannot cast doubt on previous MALE behaviour l!


That's pretty sexist and non-logical. Both his and her should be accepted, and I assume both are accepted if you get the rest of the sentence right.

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