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Klingon and High Valerian Problems

So it's awesome that you now can learn High Valerian and Klingon on duolingo, but the problem with both of these programs is that they are set up so that you only learn to read and wright them, you don't learn to speak them. Without the sound component how are you supposed to know and practice pronunciation. I know some of it can be inferred from the letters used, but some of it cannot. For instance Q is not pronounced like the word queen in Klingon, but how am I supposed to know that if there isn't any audio? It would be amazing if we could get this fixed so we can actually learn to speak the conlangs we love.

April 5, 2018



Audio takes a lot of time and resources: as both languages are fictional, putting forth the effort for an audio component is only worth it if enough people take an interest in the course.

For now check your own pronunciation: there are many sources available on the internet, one that I use is KLI's extremely helpful pronunciation & alphabet page:


Then again, I am always partial to well-made fictional alphabets.


I am told if there is enough interest in Klingon, audio could happen. So while I would love audio for the tree, I'm going to learn it regardless and hope that they add it someday.

If they don't, I'll learn it from youtube or somewhere else.

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