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What German TV series are popular?

I want to watch shows in German to help with comprehension but I'm wondering if there are German-produced TV series I could watch instead of a dub. Does anyone know what's popular or considered pretty good?

Personally, I prefer murder mysteries and science fiction, but comedy would be good too.

April 5, 2018



You can watch “Dark” and “Babylon Berlin” on Netflix in the original German (with subtitles if you are so inclined). Both are great! One involves time travel and the other involves crime-solving, so they be just what you liike.


I really enjoyed Dark, I actually thought when watching it, it would be a good one to circle back on and watch in it's original German once I get a little further along in my learning.

Especially since I already have a frame of reference having watched it in English.

Good show.


The most popular German crime series is "Tatort", which has been around for a very long time.


I really like "der tatortreiniger", you can watch it totally legal on YouTube from abroad.


Deutschland 83 is a series I highly recommend, great show.


then it comes to crime i prefer soko compared to tatort. there are several soko series like Soko Leipzig, Soko Stuttgart, Soko München, Soko Köln and Soko Wien (which is my favorite).

one german series which was dubt in many other languages and is loved in many parts of the world is 'alarm für cobra 11' (it is a long running one starting 96 till today)

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