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The pronunciation of the "len" syllable?

In words that end with "len" like ("bezahlen" , "gefallen" and "spielen" ) sometimes I hear native speakers pronouncing it as it is two syllables, i.e "spie-len" and some of them pronouncing it "spielen" in one breath, like it is only one syllable and I hardly notice the "len".

Ofcourse it is much easier for me -as a native arabic speaker- to pronounce it as it consists of two syllables i.e "spie-len", but I am wondering about the most common prouncincation, is it "spielen" or "spie-len"?

April 5, 2018



i think spielen is the most common way to pronounce it.


those words do indeed have two or more syllables: "spie-len", "be-zah-len", "ge-fal-len"

Most German speakers will omit the e in len (actually a ə or "schwa" sound), so it sounds like there is one fewer syllable: "spieln", "be-zahln", "ge-falln"


They're both possible, but you mostly hear two syllables when people try to speak clearly. When they're talking in private, the e ist often absorbed by the n (spie-ln).

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