"Vous choisissez votre soupe."

Translation:You choose your soup.

April 6, 2018

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There is no spoken sentence with this question


I have the same problem and can't hear the audio at all. It's strange because others have commented that they heard it but didn't think it sounded correct. I have reported it.


Interesting that in both English and French this is a slightly fiddly verb!


What do you mean? Just curious


I had a Primary School teacher who said "You will all always confuse 'choose and chose' and 'loose and lose". This seeding of errors is a bad idea. I have noticed that Sitesurf and other moderators teach 'things to watch out for' in a much healthier way. As for choisissez, it has something in common with, say, 'sausage, sausage',- a lot of the letter s!


Someone needs to listen to what the voice is saying. I got it right but not until I listened to it about 10 times and took a guess at it. It does not sound like the word 'soupe'


The "p" is very soft, but it is there.


why can't it be you chose your soup?


Because chose is the past tense of choose. The French verb choisissez is present tense.


For some reason the audio on this one never works for me, so I have to skip it.


The pronunciation is terrible!! "vorte" is completely wrong....I have put the sentence on three other web sites, and the duolingo site is very poor!

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