"We come and go on the streets."

Translation:Nous allons et venons dans les rues.

April 6, 2018

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It looks like something to do with why in England the cars go on the left, and in France the cars go on the right :)


Exactly and as an English speaker, I never get it right.


My thoughts (and mnemonic!) exactly.


We come and go in the streets- i translated as nous venons et allons dans les rues. It was shown as wrong. Translation was given as nous allons et venons dans les rues. Why?? Duo lingo is NOT very helpful.


This is a case where direct translations are not very helpful. This is idiomatic and the French are going before they are coming.


Yes I thought it should be venons et allons. It said mine was wrong as well.


I like to make mistakes in Duo because Duo remembers what I get wrong and I get more practice on those specific things. It still remembers that I didn't know the words for "shark" and "whale" :) . I usually try to guess when I don.'t know the answer for sure and I learn more intensely if I get something wrong. I love Duo's teaching techniques!

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Actually, makes sense to go first, only to come back. If it is already here, does not make sense to "come." So maybe us Eng speakers got it wrong!!


But if you are an observer to the coming and going it would be equally valid.


in Persian we use the same order too :)


Ha,ha,ha! Love the studies. ..


Y'all. We are came and went. Don't get it twisted. Venons + Allons.

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