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Pronouncing r

How do you pronounce the "r" in Brot? I find myself unable to pronounce voiced uvular fricatives. Any advice and tips on how to pronounce it would be very appreciated!

July 4, 2012



It's basically the same sound you produce when gargling. Just try gargling without water. ;) http://www.pauljoycegerman.co.uk/pronounce/consonr.html


@farukofaruko: Sorry, but that's just wrong. The English "w" is a completely different sound. It doesn't even exist in German.


This site might help you improve your pronunciation. I too struggled with the R when I first started, but this site, which gives you an animation of a cross-section of a mouth so you can see how to pronounce the various sounds, really helped. http://www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/phonetics/


Christian, thank you for the link. Its of great help. :)


I was mistaken in terms of the sound, but that was the trick that I used to approximate it until able to make the proper sound.

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