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"I can't read that book right now."

Translation:DaH paqvetlh vIlaDlaHbe'.

April 6, 2018



What word orders are allowed for DaH?

  • DaH paqvetlh vIlaDlaHbe'
  • paqvetlh DaH vIlaDlaHbe'
  • paqvetlh vIlaDlaHbe' DaH


The object always* comes immediately before the verb. Adverbials and time expressions come before any object. Time expressions come before other adverbials.

Only DaH paqvetlh vIlaDlaHbe' is correct.

* There is an exception that is not taught in this course, so far as I know. If you put -'e' on the object, it can come at the beginning of the sentence, before any adverbials or time expressions. Doing this emphasizes the object as the topic of the sentence. DaH HaqwI' yISam Find the surgeon now! becomes HaqwI''e' DaH yISam Find the SURGEON now (as opposed to someone else)! Don't worry about this exception in Duolingo.

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