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  5. "DIvI' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan."

"DIvI' Hol yajbe' tlhIngan."

Translation:The Klingon does not understand Federation Standard.

April 6, 2018



If {DIvI' Hol} is translated elsewhere as "English", then this answer to this problem should not give you the choice of selecting "Federation Standard" or "English" word tiles and then mark the latter as wrong.


I see a report from the same time as your comment (possibly from you?) that "The Klingon does not understood English" should be accepted.

The problem in that sentence is not "English"; the problem is the verb "does not understood".

(I'm guessing this was a multiple-choice exercise? Where the system picked one of the correct answers, "The Klingon does not understand English", and replaced the word "understand" with "understood" to create a distractor sentence.)

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