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"Všechno jsem vyjádřil jedním slovem!"

Translation:I expressed everything with one word!

April 6, 2018



Just for fun, I tried "I expressed IT ALL with one word," which is pretty likely to be used, at least in the US. Although it was considered incorrect, I reported it. Maybe it could be added as a valid translation, if it's not absolutely wrong.


And you are not the only one to report it. We have "to všechno" in Czech which is probably the most direct equivalent to "it all" so I would keep it separate for now.


I would love to know what that one word was!


Not sure how native Czech speakers feel, but from an English speaker, I do think "I said everything with one word" should be an acceptable translation. It may not be literal but I think it communicates the same meaning as "I expressed everything with one word" and is far more natural, the latter sounding fairly stilted.


Well of course in common speech you don't use such words as vyjádřit every day, but this exercise uses this word and you should translate it.

How can you know that the speaker of the original sentence is referring to saying something and not to writing something? Expressing is more general and not the same as saying.

And yes, you can use say figuratively evenfor writing, it is the same in Czech, but still I feel it is not the same.


Fair enough! I defer to judgment of those who speak both languages well.


I expressed all with one word its the same thing


That sounds strange in English. "I expressed IT ALL..." works fine on the English side, but see VladaFu's comment on that near the top of the page.


I always thought vyjádřit meant 'to explain' (to 'get to the core (jádro)).


to explain is vysvětlit

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