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Pos. Pron. and Nom. Pron.

When I started Pos. Pron. I finally realized by step 3 that both the Pos. Pron. wheel and the Nom. Pron. wheel were turning at the same time. So I lost a lot of Nom. Pron. After seeing this I switched to Nom. Pron. and continued there, of course the Pos. Pron. wheel kept going too. Anyone else with this problem. I re-booted my computer, that did not help.

April 6, 2018



I confirm. The same issue in both the mobile app and the web app.


I'm having the same problem! Will I not earn my crowns for the second one as a result? It hasn't fixed for me.


You will earn both. But I would go back and practice and print out the notes, so you learn all the words and the grammar. Thankfully that problem has not happened to me again.


I googled my problem and found your post. I am facing the same issue.


wheel? Sometimes you can do a lesson that improves more than one section. You don't lose anything. You can redo lessons anytime.


Thanks for your reply. I don't know what it is called, the wheel, it's the lesson which has a wheel going around in it as it progresses through the lesson. The lesson can't be re-done, you can only practice. I also printed out the notes on the lesson so I guess I will get through it somehow. Obviously this is a mistake and I was wondering if it only happened to me. I checked the next lesson, it's back to normal. :-)


Do you mean to tell me that you already went through the lesson 36x? What level does it say ?
Are you already on Level 5 for that lesson?
No, this is something that was happening on purpose before the Crown system went into effect. It may be a problem if you really cannot do more after you get to level 5. Edit your original Discussion post above and change the Topic to Troubleshooting. When you click on the lesson, you are redoing the lesson. You can practice through the Strengthen skills on the main page. There is the possibility of resetting the language, but that would lose all your progress. If you take a screenshot of things like that happening you can try making a bug report through the Help button below. Let them know all your system parameters. Are you using the web version, or an app and which? Which web browser if you are using the web version? The more information, the better.


Thanks for those tips. I'm using my laptop with a Firefox browser, too time consuming to use my Android phone with all the writing one has to do. I'll be fine. I did go back and do some practice there. You can't go back to level one in a lesson though, at least I haven't figured out how. All Duolingo gives you is more practice. I have a question for you. All those flags by your name, do they mean that you are learning all those languages? All 15 of them, isn't that confusing.


I already speak French pretty well as it is my parents language and Spanish is pretty common where I live, so I can practice anywhere. I took actual classes in Japanese and Sign Language, Latin, French and Spanish. I used to borrow my friend’s German book.

Everything else is new to me with Duolingo, but besides the original French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian (and backwards courses to English, I added each new course as it came along. I even did backwards courses for languages that were not available forwards yet, but that was slow going!

The thing I love the most about Duolingo is the lesson discussions on the web version and on the reverse course, you are actually discussing with native speakers of a language.

I learn languages from each other to help me differentiate them which is called laddering, for example Portuguese from Spanish helped me see which word was accented how in each.

Now, do you really think I care if my lessons appear gold? Does it matter if I get past level 1? Not if I got to learn all the lessons, but I will keep practicing so inevitably I will continue to raise my levels, completely accidentally. Sometimes I will do the lesson as it is and sometimes I will use the timed practice that I miss. Do you really think it matters what color a lesson is? What matters is whether I know the material or not. I like to do an earlier lesson to switch my mind to that language, otherwise I would not even bother with the early lessons.

Each language family is a different wing in my mind and each language has its own room.

I had my French and Spanish trees golden a long time ago. I don’t need that gold. I just need to learn new languages without losing the old ones. So, I do a new lesson here and there and practice an old one here and there.

If I want to practice just the words without sentences, I won’t miss level 1. I will use Tinycards and Memrise which both have Duolingo decks of words.

I will welcome the extra practice in some of the newer languages like Korean and Hebrew especially where the alphabet/characters are so different. I had used Memrise to learn the Russian characters, because at that time the practice on Duolingo was not enough for me to memorize the Cyrillic alphabet.

15 languages - Oh no, it is much worse than that. I am fluent in English and French, but I can be understood in Spanish and I watch a lot of movies in many languages, I can read in many more. Some are still very new to me, but I love puzzles!


I am sorry. I never answered that last about “nicht” and “kein”. You probably already figured this out, but in case you need or want the information:
“Kein” is used with indefinite nouns only and negates “ein”. So it means “not a” and can be translated as “no” and can be used with indefinite plural nouns. “Nicht” is used for “not” for everything else. You cannot use it if “kein” can be used. “Ich habe kein Haus.” would be “I do not have a house.” or “I don’t have a house.” and you can word that as “I have no house.” If you can use “no” there in English, that is a clue that you should use “kein.”

“Ich sehe nicht das Haus.” is “I do not see the house.” or “I don’t see the house.” You cannot use “no” here in English with the definite article “the” and in German you must use “nicht.”
“I see no house.” = “I do not see a house.” It would be “Ich sehe kein Haus.”

“I am not running.” would be “Ich renne nicht.”


Wow. I'm impressed. I was looking for a new hobby to waste some time. LOL. A cousin of mine told me about Duolingo about 23 days ago, so I'm brand new here. I don't care about these crowns, trees, gold or colors people are talking about. I just want to learn German and Spanish for fun. I have tried to learn Spanish on and off for decades with minimal success, I find the grammar difficult. I had German in high school for two years, but forgot most of it. German grammar is no piece of cake either. I grew up in Norway so I speak Norwegian, I understand a lot of Swedish, and can read Danish but only understand Danish if they speak very, very slow. I really like the lesson discussions, they are very helpful as sometimes the translations are totally unnatural . Right now I'm struggling with "nicht" and "kein" in German. LOL


Yes, this is not working correctly!


Still broken... After all this time no one has even addressed this issue, a whole subject lost due to a simple bug... Crappy!


Yvonne608224, please change the topic to Troubleshooting


Okay, so,

a little bit of a necro, but to anyone who wants to comment on the post I made in the troubleshooting section, here is the link: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28751192

It may get attention if more people comment on it...

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