"We speak Brazilian Portuguese."

Translation:Nous parlons le portugais brésilien.

April 6, 2018



So when is it "parler le [language]" vs "parler en [language]" vs "parler [language]"?

All three have been accepted for different sentences on Duolingo, but sometimes one or two are unaccepted - this sentence doesn't accept the third option.

April 6, 2018

  • In most of the case you use "parler [language]" --> "Je parle français." which means "I know French"

  • If you want to add some details on the language, you use "parler le [language] --> "Je parle portugais" but "Je parle le portugais brésilien"

  • "parler en " is more about the condition in which you speak (not necessary a language) --> "Je parle en français" is more "I use French when I speak" and you can say thing like "Je parle en public" or things like that with "parler en"

April 6, 2018


Thank you Puopjick

December 9, 2018


So is the definite article used here because it's a specific/limited form of Portuguese?

April 13, 2018
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