"Some people like sport, others do not."

Translation:Certaines personnes aiment le sport, d'autres non.

April 6, 2018

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"Some people like sport"

This is incorrect English. I have reported it. It should be "sports", plural, or "the" in front of "sport."


Not quelques personnes?


"Certaines personnes aiment le sport, d'autres non" is the exact translation of "Some people like sport, others do not", you mean there are two cases but you don't know how much they are in each case.

"Quelques personnes aiment le sport, d'autres non" is more "a few people like sport, others do not", you mean that they are two cases and that thay are not a lot in the first one.


Why is it d'autres and not des autres?


The plural of "un autre" is "d'autres". Note that technically, the word "autres" functions as an adjective, and the whole phrase is "d'autres personnes". Recall the rule that the partitive article "des" must become "de" in front of an adjective. So when it is the plural of another [thing] :

  • (some) other [things] = d'autres [choses]

On the other hand, "des autres" means de + les + autres, where de is the preposition or is part of an expression that uses "de".

Lastly, if the sentence construction calls for de + des + autres, it becomes d'autres. The combination de + des will always default to de.


  • J'ai d'autres idées. = I have other ideas.
  • Vous avez d'autres questions à me poser ? = Do you have other questions to ask me?
  • Je préfère l'odeur des autres fleurs. = I prefer the smell of the other flowers.
  • Il a essayé d'autres chaussures. = He tried other shoes.
  • Je parle d'autres pays. = I am talking about other countries.
  • Je parle des autres pays. = I am talking about the other countries.


Thanks for this succinct explanation and summary!


Why can't I use 'certaines gens'? It was marked wrong.


"Certaines gens" is accepted. Perhaps a different error in the sentence?


I thought I double checked everything else. But that's okay. I just wanted to know why gens was wrong, and it apparently isn't. Thanks.

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