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Skype group :)

你好各位! (◠‿◠✿)

I am a member of a Skype group for Mandarin and English speakers. We have Mandarin speakers from China, Vietnam, and other parts of Asia, and they are learning English. Similarly, there are English speakers too for those who want to learn the language. We also hold group calls sometimes to practice our speaking (depends on everyone's availability, and timezone differences).

I'm using a book to study Chinese (I can give you a copy of it), and I give the summary of one chapter every Sunday in that group. So far, I've covered the first ten chapters (I can give a copy of it, too). This is not necessary for you to follow, but you can always tag along if you want to.


  1. Be respectful to everyone. No bad words, and indecent exposure please.

  2. It is not a place to look for your soulmates.

  3. Keep political discussions to a minimum level. We don't want our Chinese friends' internet access to be cut by CCP :)

Add me in Skype: Cerveza Salsa. Then I'll add you there.

I'll remove this post after some time.

April 6, 2018


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