NEW Sentence search Button

I love the New "Sentence" search button ! It has appeared for me under the subscription "French from English". I am ever so thrilled !

And I hope that the old "Following" button, for the threads you were following will re-appear soon. I found this very useful in my learning journey.

And I would love to also see a button for "General", or "Topics", which was all the other discussions that are happening that don't relate to "Sentence"

And on a very minor issue - a button that showed you all the threads that you had made comment on. That would be nice. I don't know where I would use it on my learning journey - but perhaps if you comment on something, and want to track it down - to see what you said - then it might be useful. It might be useful for management of the site for your admin team- but you probably have a back door search that can do that for you. But it might be useful for a person to also manage things they post.


Thank you x 100 !
Link : lindakanga s learning loom home

April 21, 2014


Thanks lindakanga! You can see all the threads you commented on in your stream on your profile. General threads about Duolingo are under 'Duolingo'. You can subscribe to different discussions here to the right: Let us know if you have more feedback or any questions!

April 21, 2014
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Thanks for that information! I love learning new things. And learning how to use things to the best benefit for my learning - and hopefully to be of benefit to the community as well ! And thanks again for all you are doing to help make and keep this such a vibrant community. I love it , and I am currently a bit addicted to this site. Thank goodness it is such a great addiction to have !

April 21, 2014
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