"Is southern food sweeter than northern food?"


April 6, 2018

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南方 / 北方 are names, i.e. the South / the North. This is due to the caracter 方 (area, region). So I would have expected the particle 的 to say the food from the South / the North : 南方的菜比北方的菜甜吗?Why is the 的 needed if you say 南方的农业 or 北方的生活。Thanks


Actually, you can omit 的 for 南方的农业 or 北方的生活, but it would not "sound" as rhythmic. We Chinese like to pair a 2-character adjective with a 2-character word because it sounds nice. In this case, a 的 can separate the two pairs of characters and make it sound nice.

For your information, 南方 alone can be a noun, but it can also be an adjective, e.g. 南方人 = the people living in the South


Thank you so much for this. It is very usefull.


Yes! I wrote “南方的菜比北方的菜还要甜吗” but duolingo wouldn't accept it, even though it's technically considered correct in terms of preserving the meaning.


In this example the word for food and a dish 菜 are the same; in a preceding example I got marked for translating 菜 as food!


this second last character should be sweeter, but it says saltier.


Guess I am wrong!


It is spicier but i don't know if it is sweeter. Anybody?

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