"We used to drink orange juice at breakfast."

Translation:Nous buvions du jus d'orange au petit déjeuner.

April 6, 2018

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Grr... Please add buvions so this sentence can be completed. :/


"Buvions" is in the second Best translation.


Buvions was not a word of chose when using the keyboard. The was on the keyboad was prenions . So who is wrong here ? Nous buvions du jus d'orange au petit déjeuner


Not all verbal phrases appear in full in the hints: "used to drink" can translate to the whole imperfect conjugation of the verb "boire": "je buvais, tu buvais, il/elle/on buvait, nous buvions, vous buviez, ils/elles buvaient".

As an accepted alternative, you could indeed use the verb "prendre": je prenais, tu prenais, il/elle/on prenait, nous prenions, vous preniez, ils/elles prenaient.

Also, "we" can translate to "nous" or "on", so the correct answers could be:

  • nous buvions
  • on buvait
  • nous prenions
  • on prenait
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