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New French course + new skill system = trouble

My tragic story goes like this. I was on the verge of finishing the whole french tree when the new course was introduced and many classes were taken away from me. It meant re-doing many basic classes. That wouldn't have been a big problem, but today I was entered into the new skill system and now I can't skip those basic classes by doing a "test-out" and actually have to do the whole tree again, although much of it I already did and is terribly basic (for instance I had to do the whole family class again). I wouldn't mind the practice, but to just go through all the basic classes again is daunting and demotivating... I can't really enjoy the new skill system because I was shot back to beginner's level... We should have the option to complete a skill-level by having some kind of "test-out". I hope this message finds its way to the authorities here. Merci beaucoup!

April 6, 2018



I've seen other posts similar to yours. I know that staff is aware that this is a shortcoming in the new system, but I don't know if/when a "test out" option will be available with the release of new content.

and many classes were taken away from me.

Actually, you were given new content ;-)
But it is depressing to see everything reduced.


Testing out allowed you to gild a skill quickly, but the skill also decayed quickly, and the items that were skipped over would eventually be presented when the tested-out skills decayed and users went back to re-gild them. So you traded off rapid progress now for more review later.

In the absence of decay, testing out might mean that some skipped-over items might never be presented at all unless you clicked one of the "PRACTICE" buttons. So a tested-out level 5 might be achieved with significant gaps in one's knowledge.


Oh oh the screen changed in front of my eyes and now i am lost how to proceed i was at 65 % but now i am really lost. How to proceed, redo every item again till its exhausted ???? I simply adore the Duolingo but this is a little Microsoften.....


Completely agree. I started using duo recently (after making an account years ago but never properly getting into it) and as an intermediate learner I've found it to be really helpful in brushing up on my grammar and vocab. However, I've just received the crowns system and without the 'test-out' option the content is too easy/takes too long to get to the right difficulty for me. I guess I'll have to stop using duo until they release something to skip the beginner levels. I do appreciate all the work that has gone into the new update and think it is overall better for language learning (just not for me right now!).


The positive thing is you don't have to go back and practice those skills unless you want to. Your tree doesn't have to be golden/level 5 to finish the tree.


we all like a sense of completion. I had 23 French skills complete, just refreshing them when decayed and slowly learning new material. Yesterday, all 23 skills I completed (averaging 3-4 lessons in it) were reset to zero, which means I need to re-do the 'this is a boy', 'the girl eats an apple'. It doesn't make sense to me.


Could you clarify how that is working. Do you have to go back to the lowest zero level skill to be allowed to do anything after it or do you need to all the old zero level skills before opening a new row. Thanks.


since i already did the whole tree, every category in the tree is still open, some are on level 3, some are 2, some are 1, and some are 0 with varying range of done classes. which categories got each of the possibilities is arbitrary from my point of view.


Thanks. It is not quite as bad as I imagined.


I have exactly the same problem - I lost my progress, and then I lost the means to fix it. Please put the 'test out' option back.


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