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  5. "How do you cook ugali?"

"How do you cook ugali?"

Translation:Unapikaje ugali?

April 6, 2018



This is dumb. It asked how to cook ugali. I answered, "Boil 3 cups of water, then add a small amount of Fine-grain Corn Meal into boiling water. Stir continually. As you are stirring the consistency should be that of runny porrige. Continue adding meal 1/2 cup at a time. Remove from stove and onto the gound. (Make sure to have a towel or something as to not burn the floor). Using big ugali spoon stir it until it reaches a thick consistency, but still wet enough to be slippery and moist. Form into balls. Enjoy." But it didnt accept it. Bruh.


What is wrong with unapika ugali vipi?


I think, there is nothing wrong with "unapika ugali vipi?". Even the notes said, it was ok. We need to report that this answer should be also accept.

Does anybody here know any difference between "unapika ugali vipi?" and "unapikaje ugali?"?


i also want to know


What is the difference between "je unapika ugali" and "unapika je ugali"?


"je unapika ugali" means do you cook ugali? "unapikaje ugali" means how do you cook ugali. if JE is before the verb it is yes/no question IF ifter it is how? Look at pits and notes in skill questions.


Make sure you notice that it is written as part of the verb when it follows it. This is important for pronunciation: unapíka > unapikáje


Could this also mean "how is ugali cooked?"


no, that would be 'ugali unapikwa vipi?' (it's passive voice)


"Unapika ugali vipi" now accepted


What's the difference between unakupika and unapikaje?


Unapika ugali would men"you cook ugali". The -je suffix is where the "how" comes from

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