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"Je mange souvent dans des restaurants asiatiques."

Translation:I often eat in Asian restaurants.

April 6, 2018



For English, I think often can have several placements here. Often I eat in Asian restaurants. I often eat in Asian restaurants. I eat often in Asian restaurants. I eat in Asian restaurants often. IMO all of these are acceptable as a translation for this sentence.


There are several placements of the word "often" in this sentence that still make the translation correct. In this instance the App is only accepting one literal translation. Since moving to the crown system, the programming to increase the volume of translations seems to have led to single translations that don't allow for the varied usages of English. This is becoming increasingly frustrating, to be told that you are wrong because of faulty programming.


The new system was rolled out before the multitude of acceptable variations were added. Unfortunately, it is the way Duo works. Things get thrown out into the mix before being finalized. Even then, it is subject to the preferences of the many thousands of users. Other variations have been added here.


Why is it "des restaurants", I thought generalisations used "les"?


You can't eat in all Asian restaurants in existence.

In this sentence, "des restaurants" is the plural of "un restaurant", as "restaurants" is the plural of "a restaurant".

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