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"Estas frutas son muy caras aquí."

Translation:These fruits are very expensive here.

April 6, 2018


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'Fruit' is used as a singular and plural in English. 'These fruits...' sounds terrible.

April 6, 2018


"This fruit" is accepted now.


Fruit should be accepted (and is now), but "fruits" can be used in English when you're emphasizing the fact that you are referring to multiple kinds of fruit. In the same way, fishes is sometimes used as a plural for fish.


I agree that fruit without the 's' is the preferred form of the plural in English.

"The fruit is expensive here" is the more common English way. "The fruit here is expensive" is another form. I disagree with "This fruit" as that is too specific and would refer to one type of fruit rather than plural.
For example "This fruit is only grown in this region" might be an exotic species of fruit.


I disagree. It is quite acceptable to say "this fruit" - meaning "all this fruit on the table" in the above example


It hasn't been fixed in the part of the lesson where you pick words. It's still making you translate it as "These fruits are very expensive here", which, I agree, sounds terrible.


It now accepts: This fruit is very expensive.


not accepting "these fruit" which is what I would say in English


Costly and expensive are synonyms. But DL does not accept that. Why?


I wrote "The fruits are very cheap here." Now I realize cara is expensive, not cheap. BUT it says that "These fruits are very DEAR here." is the correct answer.


"Dear" is an old-fashioned way to say "expensive" in English


Is "la fruta es muy cara" acceptable in spanish


It's an acceptable Spanish sentence, but it doesn't correspond to the English sentence above; it means "Fruit is very expensive here" or "The fruit is very expensive here."


'This fruit is expensive here' if you were speaking about a particular type of fruit, is more likely what you will hear. Or 'The fruit is expensive here ' if you are speaking about fruit in general


If bananas and oranges were inexpensive, but strawberries and grapes very expensive in a particular store, would you still say "this fruit" in referring to the strawberries and grapes?


I'd say the strawberries and grapes are expensive here


I'd say "these fruit..."


Fruit is the proper plural in this case.


Fruit would not usually be pluralized in this sentence.


I think that i would never hear this said by native speakers of English.

The problem is with these fruits.

Native english speakers would say,

Fruit is very expensive here


No, that's not equivalent to the Spanish sentence.

"Fruit is very expensive here" = "La Fruta es muy cara aquí."

The Spanish sentence uses ""Estas frutas," so it's not all fruit that's expensive, only certain fruits.

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