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"Non, nous ne nous en souvenons pas."

Translation:No, we do not remember it.

April 6, 2018



Can someone explain why "en" is used here?


I have a guess. A previous lesson mentioned how "en" can be used to replace "de" + "a noun." For example:

As-tu des pommes? - Do you have apples? Oui, j'en ai. - Yes, I have some.

"En" replaces "des pommes" there to be translated as "some." I'm assuming something similar is happening here and we just don't know what it's replacing because we don't know the full conversation.

Edit: As for why it doesn't accept le/la in place of en, I don't know.


Well, you said "en" is for "de + noun" and "souvenir" is always followed by "de", so I guess that is why we get "en" here instead of "le/la"...


Connor, thank you...brilliant answer


According to https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-grammar/how-to-use-the-pronoun-en-in-french, en replaces a thing Introduced by a verb followed by “de, du, de la, de l’, des” ("se souvenir de ..." in this case).


"En" replaces the "de" (which must follow the verb "se souvenir") + the subject noun or pronoun. E.g., Nous ne nous souvenons pas de la pomme. = Nous ne nous en souvenons pas.


for me, pronouncing this phrase is a real 'tongue twister'. a french friend taught me this one: 'le vers vert va vers la verre verte'. cela m'a fait rire a haute voix = )


I suspect that was Duo's intention!


As a Finn, sentences like these trip me out, so much of what feels like "clutter" in here; repetition of "redundant" pronouns and grammatically mandated pronouns/prepositions sometimes seemingly pointing 'nowhere' within the sentence.

(For reference, in Finnish this phrase would be expressed with three words.)

With phrases like these, just gotta hammer them in through merciless repetition.


I don't understand the reason for this sentence structure; why the redundant nous?


Because both nous are not the same.

The verb here is reflexive, it's "se souvenir". It is conjugated in this way :

1st person singular : me souviens

2nd person singular : te souviens

3nd person singular : se souvient

1st person plural : nous souvenons

2nd person plural : vous souvenez

3nd person plural : se souviennent

But this is just how you conjugate the verb. You need a subject, there it's 1st person plural so it's nous. Then if you conjugate "se souvenir" at the 1st person of plural, it's "nous nous souvenons" (the 1st one is subject, the second one is part of the verb). There the sentence is negative so you have to put "ne" before the verb and "pas" after and finally you have "nous ne nous souvenons pas".


well explained. Merci


Puopjick, c'est parfaitement dit. Merci beaucoup.


I bet you can't say that five times fast.


How would you say "No, we do not remember each other"?


Non, nous ne nous souvenons pas de nous.

I think.


I thought I was watching Mork and Mindy for a minute, but this is 'nous ne nous en' not 'nannoo nanooo'! This particular sentence has me scratching my head.


So hard to pronounce all those alveolar "n" and nasalized vowels :/


Puopjick c'est parfaitement dit. Merci beaucoup.


This is incredibly confusing!!

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