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  5. "Four tables is not enough."

"Four tables is not enough."

Translation:Čtyři stoly nestačí.

April 6, 2018



Can I rewrite the sentence as"čtyři stoly nejsou dost"?


Shouldn’t it be “Four tables ARE not enough”?


That is accepted is well. Is "is" completely wrong?


At least in the US, you'd definitely hear both. Ngrams shows a curious mix, with the verb changing depending on the noun.


Is "Čtyři stoly není dost" wrong, or is it just preferable to use fewer words whenever possible?


It would be "nejsou dost" because it is less than five. But I do not like it either. But it may end up being accepted.


Thanks for the reminder on this rule! Now I remember seeing in a previous forum that if there's 2, 3, or 4 of something, we use jsou and nominative, but 5 or more is je and genitive, which makes sense to me when I think of why we use genitive with mnoho. Hopefully this rule will stick from now on!


Where is the verb in the Czech translation? Why isn’t “je” or “jsou” required before nestačí?


Nestačit means 'not to be enough' ;)


This might be a stupid question, but is "nestačí" here singular, in agreement with the numeral, or plural, in agreement with the noun? Am I making this more complicated than it is?


That is not stupid at all. It stays the same in the present tense: Jeden stůl nestačí, dva stoly nestačí, pět stolů nestačí.

But if we choose some verb that has different plural and singular: Jeden kluk si hraje, dva kluci si hrají, pět kluků si hraje.

So one boy is easy - singular. Two, three, four boys easy - plural. But five boys? It actually behaves like a group of five (quintuple?). A/one group - so it is singular.

In the past tense the past participle does change: Jeden stůl nestačil, dva stoly nestačily, pět stolů nestačilo. So it is in agreement with the subject here, but the subject changes! And the case of "stůl" changes as well.

In the future: Jeden stůl nebude stačit, dva stoly nebudou stačit, pět stolů nebude stačit.

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